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Every minute, someone is injured in an alcohol-related car accident. Every fifty minutes, someone is killed in an alcohol-related car accident. I don’t think I’m being very revolutionary or earth shattering when I write: drunk driving is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. However, it’s not difficult to acknowledge this now, in the comfort of your home, while sober. It’s completely different to make that decision when people have been drinking, people insist that they’re sober enough to drive, everyone’s tired and wants to go home and sleep, and alcohol lapses people’s judgment. The trick to avoiding drunk driving isn’t by simply stating that you’ll never do it or ride in a car with someone who shouldn’t drive. The trick is to make preparations before a possible situation occurs. Here are a few helpful tips that just may save your life:

  • If you go somewhere with alcohol, make sure there are enough designated drivers to transport everybody home safely.
  • If going to somebody’s home, get permission in advance to sleep there if need be.
  • Program the numbers for several local taxi companies in your cell phone so you have them handy just in case.
  • Make an agreement with your friends, while sober, that you won’t let each other drive drunk. Then everyone will feel it’s his or her responsibility to enforce the agreement.

I’d like to expand on that last point a bit. Taking keys from a drunk person (click the link for some tips) can be awkward and confrontational. Still, it’s much better than the very possible alternative of a car crash or worse. Most of the time, the person will understand and probably be grateful after becoming sober. And if not, do you really want to remain friends with someone so irrational, who puts the lives of everyone on the road in danger and sees no wrong in doing so?

It’s a cliché phrase, but it’s also  a true phrase. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.