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I’m sure you remember that advice from all of those commercials. Buy a ShamWow® today! It’s like a towel, sponge, placemat, and everything else you could ever want, all in one! Um, yes, that. But also, that one commercial from your local oil change stop, telling you to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Otherwise, sludge deposits will build up, wear and tear from moving parts will cause friction and possible mechanical failure, and Western Civilization will collapse as we know it. So I’ll bet you’re thinking, old predictable Max! This blog post will be about listening to that advice and keeping your car in good shape, right?


Yes, you should regularly change your oil, for the reasons above – except maybe not the one about collapse of society. However, changing your oil every 3,000 miles is simply not necessary. How frequently it actually must be changed depends on your car; read your owner’s manual or consult your local mechanic. Either way, most new cars have a number far north of 3,000. Changing so frequently may not hurt your car, but it will hurt your wallet. The companies that sell and change oil probably aren’t going to run up and down the streets telling you to buy less of their products, so now that you’re informed, tell your friends how they can save some green! And now that you all have more money to throw around, let me tell you about this great investment oppor [EDITOR’S NOTE: End of blog. Max, stop trying to scam our blog readers. I feel that you’re getting worse and worse as an employee as time goes on!]