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These days (unlike those days), everybody’s looking for ways to save some green. While there are some more interesting methods out there, like having your wedding sponsored, those tactics probably aren’t a great fit for everybody. However, since, like most Americans, you probably have auto insurance, maybe you’d be interested in trying to lower your payments. Auto providers use people’s driving claim history to determine rates. And while you can’t change the past, you can always plan for the future. Not only is driving safer better for your health, it’s better for your wallet too! Here are some easy tips to lower your chances of getting in an accident:

  • Avoid drowsy driving. While it’s often unavoidable, operating a car while fatigued drastically slows reaction time. If you’ve barely slept all week, it may behoove you to take a nap before hitting the road.
  • Keep your eyes on the road! I’ve already mentioned texting while driving, but fidgeting with the radio, making eye contact with your passenger, unwrapping a sandwich, etc. are also very distracting. The more focused your eyes are on driving, the less likely disaster may strike.

These are just a few of the first tips that came to my mind. There are dozens more out there. Any you think I left out? Tell me in the comments!